31c3ctf Web HTTP write-up

In this web challenge they were giving us the full code of a custom HTTP server written in C and Ruby.

The implementation of the web server was interesting, as they...

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31c3ctf Reversing Casino write-up

This reversing challenge was really interesting and quite fun. We were given the source code of a service that was listening on a remote server.

The service was kind of a casino...

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31c3ctf Web Devilish write-up

In this challenge we were given access to a public website that they tell to be devilish, and might be hiding a private portal.

We had different menu entries but the two...

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Exploit-exercises Protostar Stack5 write-up

This exercise is a classical stack overflow escenario. We have write operation to a buffer in which the length is not controlled, and can be used to redirect the execution...

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